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How Much Did The Dealer Pay for The Piano?

There is controversy whether or not a consumer should be able to access this information. Dealers generally don’t think so, consumer advocates do. Since not all dealers are ethical in their pricing and representation of their products, I am in favor of good consumer information. On the other hand I do believe a dealer needs to make a reasonable profit in order to maintain staff, inventory, and service for past and future clients. In the piano industry a 40% profit margin is considered necessary to maintain services and support as well as selection. Cost divided by 60% gives a 40% profit margin. A piano that costs $10,000 divided by .60 should sell for $16,667. A dealer will be unprofitable if he falls too far below this figure too often. If your dealer sells you a piano for significant less than this it becomes possible that some misrepresentation may be taking place. The price supplement to The Piano Book is very helpful determining pricing